Long time ten years, reputable CFA registered show hobby cattery has a health guaranteed solid tortie (red/black) color pet quality Persian female to approved home. Registered Himalayan catteries with quality like this are hard to find. It is not true that cats with longer noses don't tear. It depends on the tear duct development of the cat. Cats can tear with upper respiratory viruses or just because of that perticular cat. Long nosed kittens can result from breeding two short nosed cats together as well. Long nosed cats not having tear discharge is a only a "sales pitch". There is no such breed as "Doll face" or Traditional, also labeled old fashioned, these are pet quality cats and have more Siamese and not as much Persian type in them.

Don't even consider buying a Persian kitten if the sellers can't show you a PKD negative test on the parentage of the kittens. We can provide this proof as well as cardio HCM heart tests. Knowledgeable breeders have been DNA testing and breeding negative Persian cats since ! We have extensive pet buyer references. The kittens are spayed or neutered by my vet before they are sold and placed in the new home this cost is included in the 600.00 price. She will have an easier to groom coat. She has large copper eyes and is quite pretty. Those that have owned and love Persian cats are most knowledgeable, experienced about their care, and find this breed sweet, gentle ,playful, and loving. We breed for health, sweet personalities, and beauty. Kitten comes with 6 weeks free Petsecure trial insurance, all our cats are PKD (Poly-cystic kidney disease) negative this is an incurable geneticly inherited disease that can end a cats life early, middle age or older. Previous Persian cat owners would spend thousands of dollars trying to find out why their cat was failing only to find there is nothing that can be done and find out it had PKD or not know it had this and it would die either way. Some vets have not known about the DNA test or had a lot of experiences with PKD in previous years because most pet buyers would not spend the money and just put their cats to sleep with not a clue what was wrong with them being so sick. Up to 40 percent of all Persian cats used to inherit this from one positive parent. The kidneys are filled with cysts and will stop functioning and the cat will die from kidney failure.

$600.00 price includes spay done before being placed in new home. This kitten is playful, healthy, not shy, and gets along with other cats. We are Himalayan / Persian show cat breeders located in Port Moody. We can be called to answer questions anytime to support the owners of the cat for the life time of the cat. We know a lot about cat health, our breed, bloodlines well and love all our cats. We have a web site. This is a hobby of love and not a business. Cat breeder expenses are high and don't do it for money and hardly make any profit. 604-939-